Photo Gallery

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Artistic photoes taken by Gabriela Pellegrini

Radio Nacional Youth Orchestra at the Colón Theatre conducted by Juan Carlos Zorzi – 1990.
With Luis Rossi and his wife Penelope Knuth. Santiago of Chile - 1993.
With Ljerko Spiller. Camping Musical of Bariloche – January, 1994.
With trhee firends before a concert of the Buenos Aires Symphonic Band. (left - right) Martín Scalona, David Lheritier and Gabriel Blasberg. Colón Theatre - 1994.
“Melo” Woodwind Quintet (left - right): María Eugenia Caruncho, Christian Fabris, Ezequiel Fainguersh, Lorena Barile and C.C. - 1994.
Playing the Weber Concert Nº1 with The Olavarria Symphony Orchestra – August, 1995.
With Yi Fang Huang and Paula Peluso receiveing the first prize at the Buenos Aires Music Festival Competition - October, 1995.
Winners of the Buenos Aires Music Festival Competition. (left - right): Yi Fang Huang, C.C., Paula Peluso, Luciano Garay, Marcos P. Olivera and members of the"Argos" Woodwind Quintet.
With Yi Fang Huang and Paula Peluso in the winners’s concert of the Buenos Aires Music Festival Competition at the Belgrano Auditorium – October, 1995.
Recital of Céspedes - Huang - Peluso Trio at the Trinity College in Washington DC – September, 1996.
With Howard Klug in the Ostende International Festival. Belgium - 1996.
With Félix Saluzzi, my first teacher. Salta - 1998.
With Estela Telerman and Jorge Pérez Tedezco.
Performing Intr. Theme and Variations of Rossini at the Museo Fernández Blanco – September, 2000.
With Marcos Puente Olivera and Stella Maris Marrello before a recital at the "Santa María de la Armonía" country house – December, 2000.
Buenos Aires Classic Group: (left – right) Marcos Puente Olivera, Ernesto Imsand, Natalia Silipo, Stella Maris Marrello and C.C.
With Stella Maris Marrello, Natalia Silipo and Marcos Puente Olivera.
With Ernesto Imsand and Natalia Silipo after a Concert.
Performing with Claudio Barile, Stella Maris Marrello and Marcos Puente Olivera at the Golden Auditorium of Colón Theatre. Closing Concert of the First Flute Course given by Claudio Barile – April, 2002.
Party after the concert: (left - right) Miguel Orlando Barile, C.C., Claudio Barile, Stella Maris Marrello, Constanza Sánchez, Agustina Shedden and Marcos Puente Olivera.